How to Brew Beer at Home 2017

For the last 15 years I’ve been brewing beer and distilled alcohols in some of the largest breweries throughout the US and Germany. In this time I’ve learned the art of brewing and met some amazing friends along the way.  I’ve seen the art of brewing evolve a long way in the last decade and more than anything I’ve seen a resurgence in the art of home-brewing.

I created this website as a resource to all those people who want to brew at home and learn how to use brew kits and other simple devices to create delicious home-brewed alcohols and beers.

The thing is home brewing isn’t that difficult and most people can do it easily and extremely effectively with only a few simple devices, some instructions and the patience to read how to do it.

What You’ll Find on This Website

What I offer here is my experience. Fifteen years of brewing has given me the experience and knowledgable to know what are the best brewing materials. I’ve tested nearly all of these devices or seen them used.

The below is a list of all the main categories I’ve reviewed in this website, including supplementary categories related to brewing but not to the process itself.

Home Brewing Categories

Beer Related Products