About Us

Crooked Letter Brewing is a passion project. We started this website to help people learn how to brew their beers and spirits at home. We started this site for two main reasons:

  1. To show people that home brewing isn’t that difficult and can be pretty damn easy if you just follow a simple guide to brewing.
  2. It’s fun! Just like cooking at home, the joy and appreciation you have for great home made food can also be felt when you brew your own delicious draft beers or spirits.

A little bit of my¬†story…..

My name’s Robert Collins and I can say I’ve officially been brewing beer for 10 years.

I’ve worked at arobert collins brewingbrewing specialist at a number of breweries around the US and Europe. I helped manage and setup operations¬†at:

  • 8 Sail Brewery
  • Almasty Brewing Co
  • Bournemouth Brewery
  • Cliff Quay Brewery

For the last few years I’ve taken the brewing consulting business online as I realized that there are more
and more people who actually want to learn how to brew at home. The market is changing and more people throughout the US and Canada realize that home brewing is something they can easily do at home with only a simple brew kit.

The goal of starting Crooked Letter Brewing is to teach people how to brew at home and understand the basic components needed for proper brewing and distillation.