Best Beer Glasses

Crooked Letter's Top Choice

Now that we have finally recovered from our hangovers, we are happy to announce the winner of our top beer glasses prize as being the Libbey Craft Brews 23-Ounce Clear Wheat Beer Glass.

Though this is one of the more expensive glasses in the Libbey Craft Brews range, we all agreed that it was the one we liked most. Everything from the feel of this glass when held in your hands, to the look of the beer and the foam head inside it, made this glass really stand out from the crowd for us.

It is a 23 ounce wheat beer glass, which has a sleek and delicate curvature to give the glass a really sophisticated shape. This glass definitely would not be out of place in everything from your neighborhood bar, to someone’s housewarming party. We loved that it was made in the USA, helping to support US jobs, and the fact that is its dishwasher safe also.

Table of contents:

  • Comparison Chart
  • Beer glasses explained.
  • How we review
  • Reviews
    • Editor’s Choice : Libbey Craft Brews 23-Ounce Clear Wheat Beer Glass
    • Princeton Wares Double Wall Glass Insulated Beer Glass Tumbler
    • Insulated Coffee Mug & Beer Mug by Bar Brat
    • Dimple Stein Beer Mug
    • Conclusion

Comparison Chart

Material Color Feedback Score
Libbey Craft Brews 23-Ounce Clear Wheat Beer Glass Glass Clear 4.4
Princeton Wares Double Wall Glass Insulated Beer Glass Tumbler Glass Clear 4.2
Insulated Coffee Mug & Beer Mug by Bar Brat Metal Choice of different colors 4.2
Dimple Stein Beer Mug Glass Clear 4.1

Beer glasses explained.

Like most people, we love beer. As any real beer lover will know, getting the perfect glass of beer is a real science. This process starts as far back as the seed and runs all the way through to when the beer enters your mouth.

People have been drinking beer for thousands of years, though it must be said that the taste and quality has come a long way from those days. It is certain that most of us would end up spitting out in disgust even the better beers from medieval times.

It is certainly great that we have all been lucky enough to have been born in the time when beer has really reached the absolute pinnacle of its taste and quality. In fact, we take so much for granted that few of us actually stop to consider the other vital components to getting that perfect tasting beer.

One of the most overlooked components is the humble beer glass. Many decades of science have gone into perfecting beer glasses, so that we are now able to enjoy a beer from so many different and inexpensive types of beer glasses.

It is because of those years of research, as well as modern manufacturing techniques that we are so spoiled for choice when it comes to the beer glass. There are so many different designs, shapes and sizes of beer glasses on the market today that it will simply make your head spin to see them all.

Gone are the days too when you would have to worry about the quality of the glass you were getting. In the past, poor manufacturing techniques led to huge variation in the quality of the glasses being produced. These days however, this is no longer an issue. You can be sure that provided you buy your glasses from a reputable store, that you will not have an issue with quality.

In the end, trying to find the best glass for your home or workplace is simply a matter of finding the design that you like best.

How we review

We take everything about beer very seriously. Though sadly that does mean that many of our team are now supporting some pretty impressive beer bellies, we take enormous pride and satisfaction in the reviews that we provide.

For this article, we rounded up more than 80 different beer glasses that we thought had a chance at winning our top beer glass prize. We based this selection entirely on gut feeling and not price, so that we could offer as unbiased opinion as possible.

We tested each glass, one at a time to see how well we liked it. Our scores included such criteria as how the glass looked, felt in our hands and how well it let us pour beer into it to, both to get a large head of foam and to avoid getting one also.

Editor’s Choice: Libbey Craft Brews 23-Ounce Clear Wheat Beer Glass

So here it is, our top choice beer glass for your ultimate beer drinking pleasure. Coming in a four pack, this 23 ounce wheat beer glass stands and impressive 8-7/8” tall and 3-5/8 in width.

It is made from clear glass and as a result it is hand and dishwasher safe. Made in the USA its slender but classy design won the eye and hearts of our judges, who nearly unanimously agreed to it being their best all round choice beer glass.

It is ideal for general day to day beer drinking, be it at home or for your customers in your bar, but is stylish enough to not be out of place in a dinner party, wedding or any other such gathering too.

Our experts also agreed that this glass would fit in just fine to any beer glass collection also. Styled in the traditional French and Belgium beer glass style, it would without a doubt, be a welcomed addition to any collection.


  • Hard to clean the bottom of the glass due to glass shape.

Princeton Wares Double Wall Glass Insulated Beer Glass Tumbler

We all hate warm beer. Serving your beer at just the right temperature is a must to get the best from its taste. As all of you will know, the challenge is not serving the beer at the correct temperature; it is keeping it there that is the real challenge.

These wonderful glasses come with a double wall vacuum seal that insulates the glass from the warming effect of your hands and the outside air. This means that your beer remains cooler for much longer. It also gets rid of the need for coasters as it prevents any condensation from developing on the outside of the glass.

The glass is a 14 Ounce or pint sized traditional wide top design. The glass slants inwards as it heads to the bottom giving it that secure grip feel. This wide top design made pouring super easy, so you won’t have trouble if you are not a lover of a large foam head either.


  • Glass is a little more fragile than other designs.

Insulated Coffee Mug & Beer Mug by Bar Brat

This combined use coffee and beer mug is a real treat if you are looking for a practical everyday glass that you can use to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.

It has been really nicely designed in the style of a metal beer barrel. The handle was super effective at preventing your hands from either getting too hot or cold when holding it, while the bonus lid really makes all the difference when trying to make sure your beverage stays the right temperature.

The glass is a thermal insulate design, which due to the difference in the material properties, is much more effective at keeping the temperature right than the glass vacuum ones. A last little bonus was the great book that the company sent us, which features a number of really nice cocktail recipes for you to try out. Though we didn’t get round to trying them all, the ones we tried really hit the spot.


  • The handle is a little too small to fit larger hands.

Dimple Stein Beer Mug

The classic German pub design, these simple but really nice beer glasses are very reasonably priced and will put up with by far the largest punishment of any of the glasses we tried out.

They are made of a thicker, clear glass that not only makes them strong, but also lets you gaze adoringly at the golden glow that your beer is giving off. The glass thickness also helps these glasses to minimize the amount of condensation and warming that your beer undergoes when you are holding it.

If you want a tough and durable beer glass for everyday use, which will happily serve you everything from larger to Guinness, then this is the glass we recommend.


  • Not really appropriate for the more sophisticated occasion.

Best Beer Glasses for the Money

Well, there you have it. If you want to know what are the best beer glasses then these are the ones that we definitely would recommend. We picked 4 different designs to give you the best idea of what is out there and what works the best.

There are lots of other great beer glass designs that unfortunately we just didn’t have time to cover here, but these were the ones we liked best. Since finding the top beer glass is a matter of personal choice, we recommend that you see for yourself as to which it really the best beer glass for you.

Where can I buy the best beer glasses?

Jeez, now there is a question. Well, in the past finding the best beer glasses used to mean running all over creation and relying on pure luck that a store somewhere has really put the effort in to make sure it found the top beer glasses to stock.

The advent of the internet changed the world completely, and we are happy to say that this went for all things beer as well. It is now possible to go online and shop through literally thousands upon thousands of stores to find every type, shape and size of beer glass ever made.

The fact that there are so many stores and so many glasses on offer can actually make you need a few drinks in itself. Though any excuse to have a drink can be a blessing, to help you cut down the headache, we recommend checking out a dedicated review site such as our own and reading up their choice of best beer glasses.

In this article we reviewed our favorite 4 beer glasses, which came top out of the more than 80 different glasses we tested. Take a look at our top choices and just go from there.

What’s the best beer glass for beer?

There are thousands upon thousands of top quality beer glasses out there. The top beer glass really depends on your own personal preference to tell you the truth.

Our team of experts has had many a drunken arguments over which one was best, something that highlighted not only their dedication to their work, but also how completely different many of their opinions were.

We recommend that you take some time to read this article to checkout our personal favorites to see what you think. We are sure that you will really like at least one of the designs, which range from the more traditional to the outright fun.

Who makes the best beer glasses?

That’s a tough question. To be honest, the art of making glasses has been refined to about as far as the materials will take us. We have been making glass and metal glasses for hundreds of years now and the science is well established.

Basically that means that any Tom, Dick or Harry can start making glasses, which will still be of a reasonable quality. As a result, nearly all beer glasses that you come across will be made to a really good standard that will ensure that they won’t crack or break as soon as you get them out of the box.

Finding the best beer glasses is therefore really a matter of design choice than a focus on quality. Since there are so many different designs on the market, your search is just really a matter of finding the design you love best.