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Crooked Letter's Top Choice

After so many fun hours playing with all the different koozies we tested, we can announce the winner of our top beer koozie as the BigMouth Inc The Beast Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler.

Available in 4 different colors, this cool beer koozie not only made us laugh time and time again, but was actually a really great beer koozie too. Its huge hand design might look heavy, but is actually made from super light foam, so weighs almost nothing.

It will hold any standard width can, small or large, doing so nice and firmly. It is easy to get the cans in and out of the hand, while the foam keeps the drink well insulated and therefore cooler for much longer. We had hours upon hours of drinking fun with this koozie, which was the design we found ourselves coming back to play with over and over. We really loved this beer koozie and really think that you will too.

Table of contents:

  • Comparison Chart
  • What exactly is a beer koozie and how do I find the best one?
  • How we review
  • Reviews
    • Editor’s Choice : BigMouth Inc The Beast Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler
    • Beer Bottle Coolers with Zipper Premium Neoprene Insulators
    • BigMouth Inc Prescription Style Drink Cooler
    • Star Wars R2-D2 Metal Can Cooler
    • Conclusion

Comparison Chart

Dimensions Weight Feedback Score
BigMouth Inc The Beast Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler 11 x 7.5 x 6 inches 0.8 ounces 4.4
Beer Bottle Coolers with Zipper Premium Neoprene Insulators 9.4 x 5.3 x 2.1 inches 4 ounces 4.4
BigMouth Inc Prescription Style Drink Cooler 6 x 4 x 6 inches 4 ounces 4.3
Star Wars R2-D2 Metal Can Cooler 5 x 4 x 4 inches 2.4 ounces 4.1

What exactly is a beer koozie and how do I find the best one?

Have you ever been at the game or talking away in your backyard picnic only to take a sip of beer to find that it has gone warm and tastes badly as a result? Well, a beer koozie is the thing that will save you from having to experience this problem ever again.

A beer koozie is basically a way to hold your drink without your beer getting warm while you do. They come in all shapes and sizes, but all do the same job. They act as an insulating holder of your beer can or glass, meaning that you can hold your drink without your hand actually coming into contact with your beverage.

Though that is the basic principle, it didn’t mean that the designers could not have some fun with this drinking aid. In fact, fun has become the hallmark of the koozie, as more and more fun designs hit the selves aimed at bringing a smile to beer drinkers everywhere.

Designs range from the practical to the darn right outrageous, but are always meant to reflect the beer drinking individual’s happy go lucky approach to having a good time. We personally believe that your koozie should always be fun, while making a statement about the personality of the owner.

We love to be out and about in a beer gathering, drinking our beer only to come across someone with a koozie that makes us roar with laughter. In our time, we have seen so many great cozies that the mind boggles as to who is actually coming up with these fantastic designs.

So when choosing your koozie, we recommend that you go with your gut feeling first, picking something that makes you laugh. This is the best way that over the years we have found to pick the best cozies, most of which we are happy to say have turned out to be with us to this very day.

You will need to take care however when you do find that special koozie, to check to make sure that it is for the drink receptacle that you want to use it with and that it fits your hand also. This is a necessity as after all we wouldn’t want that first smile at your new koozie to end up turning to disappointment.

How we review

We love reviewing anything that has to do with beer. Every one of our dedicated team is a total beer nut. Some of us have been mad about the stuff for more than 20 years now and won’t give it up until the taps run dry.

We believe in passing on our passion and knowledge to our loyal beer loving readers.

We hope you will find this review helpful. Joking aside, we honestly do our very best to make sure that we select only the best products to review here. We hope that it will help you find the best beer koozie for your next beer.

Editor’s Choice: BigMouth Inc The Beast Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler

This giant fist koozie is definitely our top choice. From the moment you set eyes on this you will be in a happy mood. Though it is available in 4 different colors, the human skin color is really the only choice as far as we are concerned. This has the effect of making it look more absurd as at first glance it looks like one of your hands is really huge.

The koolie itself is really great. Made from foam, it keeps the can held tightly in place while also providing plenty of insulation from the heat. We found that the beer stayed cooler in this when compared to similar designs.

It is a koolie that will last for a long time too, the outer layer seems strong and durable, giving the impression that it will take many drinking sessions before this one lets you down. We found it nice and easy to wash after too.


  • When new the foam does smell a little funny, which might leave you with a funny smelling hand for a bit.

Beer Bottle Coolers with Zipper Premium Neoprene Insulators

These great beer bottle koolies are actually made from 3mm of neoprene, which is the same material that wetsuits are made from. Available in a range of 4 bright colors, they are the best beer bottle koolies we have come across.

Though they are only suitable for the 33ml beer bottle, they have a zip front which makes sure that your bottle is easy to get in and out, as well as being nice and safe when inside. So effective was this system that we found that even when we deliberately broke the glass bottle, the glass would stay trapped inside and not escape.

As a result, these have to be the safest Koolie to make this list. This is especially good for people with young children and animals at home. Oh and of course, they insulate really well, keeping beers cooler for much longer than many of the other designs.

We loved these glass bottle koolies, they were fun, super safe and we really loved all the different colors that they were available in too. If you are happy to spend a little extra, you can even get logos and other things printed on them too, which is your chance to really personalize them and make them your own.


  • The material is a little thin

BigMouth Inc Prescription Style Drink Cooler

This was a design that really came out of the blue. It is a prescription style beer koozie that we had to award top marks for originality. The koozie looks like a bottle of pills and has a fun beer related prescription written on the front.

Prescribed to Mr Huge Ass by Doctor Feelgood, it advises you to take one can by mouth and repeat until intoxicated. However, you will need to finish it fast as the prescription expires by the morning.

This inexpensive cooler is ideal for when you want to stand out and get plenty of laughs. We would definitely recommend it for breaking the ice at any social event like a house party, where you might not know many people. It is fun and as a koolie works really well too. Definitely a good one to consider if you like parties.


  • The koolie is a little big for the sized standard can.

Star Wars R2-D2 Metal Can Cooler

Whether or not you are a Star Wars fan, this R2-D2 koozie is seriously cool. Designed to hold most standard cans, we were surprised to read that it is only suitable for children from 13 years and up. We can hear all those disappointed twelve year olds out there screaming right now.

Taking a sip out of R2-D2 was never something we ever expected to do in our lifetime, and it felt really great. This koozie was definitely one that attracted a lot of attention, surprisingly more among the grownups than the kids we discovered.

This is a great koozie, which works really well. Fun for all ages and one we would definitely recommend.


  • Not so easy to hold if you have smaller hands

If you are looking for our top choice koolie for regular cans, then we definitely would recommend the BigMouth Inc The Beast Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler.

This was our overall favorite koolie and one that packs a hell of punch (if you will forgive the pun) both at first sight, while continues to do so even after people get used to it being around.

It is easy to hold, keeps your can safely inside and well insulated, while not costing a bomb either. Though not for use with bottles, this is certainly the koolie we would recommend.

Can you use a beer koozie for other drinks too?

The answer of this question is technically yes, provided that the receptacle you are drinking from fits the koozie. Since koozies come in all shapes and sizes, you will need to make sure that your drink will fit it properly.

Since most cans are universally sized, a can of sprite will be the same size and diameter as beer cans. Therefore, you will be able to easily fit any can into your koozie if you so desire.

You should take extra care with Koozies that are designed for bottles since a bottle koozie design will nearly always be for a specific size of bottle. These koozies tend to zip up around the whole bottle as simply holding many bottles by the bottom is not safe enough, particularity as there is a risk of broken glass should you drop it.

When using a glass koozie, we recommend using it only for the size and shape of glass that it has been designed for to avoid safety risks.

Are beer koozies for cans the same as for bottles?

No they are not. While some koozies that have been designed for cans can be used for holding certain sized bottles, we generally don’t advise you doing so as there is a high risk of the bottle falling out and smashing.

This is why bottle koozies come with a full bottle jacket that is designed specifically to fit one size of glass only. You should take lots of care when buying a koozie to make sure that it best suits what you need it for.

Some koozies are designed to be adjustable so as to fit many different sizes of cans for example. Take care with these kinds of koozies to make sure that they hold the can or bottle firmly in place so that it can’t slip out and break, because even if it is just a can, the price of it falling out is all that delicious beer going to waste.  

Where can I buy the best beer koozie?

You can buy a top beer koozie from literally thousands of online stores. However, to make sure you are covered in terms of being sure to receive all the support you need should you item be damaged, we recommend buying from a reputable online store such as, where you can also leave feedback regarding the item.