Best Drinking Accessories

Kokopax Top Pick

Well, the winner of our best drinking accessories competition came down to a lucky dip in the end as we simply couldn’t choose between them. The first out of the dip and our winner of the top drinking accessory was the 14 Pack Hide a Beer Can Soda Camo Disguise.

Though we obviously don’t condone drinking where you shouldn’t be, these fantastic camouflaged can disguises might just save you from an argument or two and so let you enjoy a drink in peace. This easy to put on camouflage wrap, disguise the original beer can label with a popular soda can one such as Coca Cola.

They are a piece of cake to put on and take off and will remain safely there under the pressure of your grip, meaning that there is no danger of them falling off. These are a really top drinking accessory that are ideal for anyone of you who likes a sneaky drink now and then, though we do hope that you will use them responsibly and not for example, use them to drink at your job in the nuclear factory.

Table of contents:

  • Comparison Chart
  • A short guide to drinking accessories.
  • How we review
  • Reviews
    • Editor’s Choice : 14 Pack Hide a Beer Can Soda Covers Camo Wrap Sleeves Koozie Disguise
    • Aqua-Pong | Pool Beer Pong Table with Cooler – Inflatable Beer Pong Pool Party Game – Floating Beirut Table
    • Fun World Skull Beer Funnel
    • Coolest Cooler in Classic Orange
    • Conclusion

Comparison Chart

Feedback Score
14 Pack Hide a Beer Can Soda Covers Camo Wrap Sleeves Koozie Disguise 4.4
Aqua-Pong | Pool Beer Pong Table with Cooler – Inflatable Beer Pong Pool Party Game – Floating Beirut Table 4.4
Fun World Skull Beer Funnel 4.4
Coolest Cooler in Classic Orange 4.3

A short guide to drinking accessories.

Human beings have been drinking alcohol for longer than we have been reading and writing, and probably longer than we have been living in stone housing. We are obsessed with the stuff. One drink in particular has remained one of our most loved drinks for thousands of years, and that drink is beer.

It seems that our love for it has led us not only to drink hundreds of millions of barrels annually, but to design and manufacture thousands upon thousands of different accessories to help us drink it.

You can find every drinking accessory that you can imagine online, along with many thousands more that you would never have dreamed existed. Most designs have some practical usage, such as koolies to hold your beer, mini beer coolers to help keep it that perfect temperature, as well as drinking accessories that have inbuilt music players so you can listen to all your favorite songs while having a great time.

The only hard thing about drinking accessories is how to find them all under one roof. We recommend that you read lots of articles such as this one to give you plenty of ideas as to what is out there and then start your search from there.

The things you need to keep in mind when buying all these amazing drinking accessories is not to go too crazy all at once. Though you might get plenty of fun hours out of them, dropping junior’s fun to do so is not such a great idea.

It is really worth reading lots of product reviews from the customers that bought that particular beer accessory to find some honest accounts about how fun a particular product really is and how well it works. These reviews have more than once saved us from buying some piece of junk that doesn’t work properly, so they are definitely worth taking a look at.

Sites like also have listings that display similar products that other customers have looked at as well. This is a really great way to expand your horizons a bit and get a good idea of what else is really out there.

Editor’s Choice: 14 Pack Hide a Beer Can Soda Covers Camo Wrap Sleeves Koozie Disguise

If you are in need of grabbing a sneaky beer in peace now and then, these beer can soda covers are the thing for you.

Though we never recommend irresponsible drinking, there are times when you really need a beer, but risk the wrath of friends, coworkers or family. It might just be that you want a drink in the street on a hot summer’s day, but are not permitted to.

These cool soda can covers slip around your beer can to disguise your beer as a popular soft drink such as Coca Cola.

They only cost just over $1 each and last for quite a long time provided you are reasonably careful with them. They come in packs of 3, 7 and 14 for those of you who are really serious about hiding your drinking.

They are lots of fun and are ideal for parties or other fun social gatherings.

Aqua-Pong | Pool Beer Pong Table with Cooler – Inflatable Beer Pong Pool Party Game – Floating Beirut Table

No self-respecting beer drinking accessories list would be complete without beer pong. In the last few years this game has become the must play drinking game in bars and homes all over the United States.

There is only one thing better than a beer pong board, and that is a beer pong board that floats on water! Now you can play beer pong as you hang out in the pool and drink. We loved this idea, and this board was the very first time we have been this invention.

It is easy to inflate and works just like a regular ping pong board. You don’t even need to use it in the pool as it can be used just like a regular board too.

The board is regulation size, has handles to move it around and even has an inbuilt cooler that allows you to use ice to keep your beers cool as you play. This is definitely one of the top drinking accessories you can buy today.


  • Doesn’t come in any fancy packaging so not ideal as a gift.

Fun World Skull Beer Funnel

If you are having a ghoulishly themed drinking party then this is definitely the drinking accessory for you. Designed to look like a skull and spinal cord, it is in fact a really effective beer funnel. The beer flow is just right, meaning that it flows in just the right amount so as not to leave you waiting for your mouth to fill or alternatively drowning in beer.

We had loads of fun with this, actually too much to be quite honest with you. Great for parties and Halloween events, we know you will love this sinister drinking accessory.


  • Themed so not really suitable for more day to day social events.  

Coolest Cooler in Classic Orange

Our final drinking accessory to make it to this list is this fabulous beer cooler. As important as finding the best tasting beer is making sure that you serve it at just the right temperature.

This great cooler is portable and is really strong so can carry as much beer as you dare to drink. It is really effective at keeping beer cold for long periods and is packed full of great accessories.

It has an inbuilt ice crushing blender, which we found a great way to quickly cool down any warm beverages. The design has wheels and a pull handle making it effortless to move around also.

Better still, it has an inbuilt USB charger, a bottle opener and a LED light for when you are out at night. Really, what more could you ask for?


  • A little on the expensive side.

Our Best Beer Accessories for the Money

If you are looking for some great beer drinking game ideas, then we hope that this list will give you some. We tried to pick quite varied examples that we really found fun and at the same time useful.

We can honestly say that all of them will add plenty of fun to your beer drinking, and while some might be more useful than others, we intended this list to just give you a taste of all the truly great drinking accessories that are out there. All that remains is for us to wish you lots of happy drinking!

What are the must have beer accessories?

With so many fantastic beer accessories out there you will never have any difficulties in finding some great ways to help enjoy your beer. You can get everything from fun beer openers, cool glasses, great insulating mugs, beer drinking games, fun beer cards, beer coolers and even fake can sleeves to disguise your beer can.

One of the great things about beer accessories is that your search will never end. Each year, we come across so many great accessories that range from the practical to the absurd. If you are not sure what you want, but are searching for some great ideas then we recommend that you take a look at lists like this one to let others do the running around for you.

Though we reviewed too many products to remember, the ones on this list were chosen because they were the ones that really stood out. If none of them are to your tastes then take a look at a few other lists to get a better idea of what’s out there.  

Are there any really fun beer can accessories?

There are literally thousands of great beer can accessories for you to get your hands on. A few of these actually made it to this list, and there are many more on sites such as for you buy.

We personally love koolies, which not only provide you with lots of fun, but also importantly keep your beer cold too. There are some great koolies to be found on our Top Koolie list, which can be found on this website should you be interested.

We love beer drinking games, there are so many out there, but a personal favorite has to be the super popular ‘Beer Pong’, which is endless hours of drinking fun, packed in one simple game.

Where can I buy the best drinking accessories?

The advent of the internet has made finding beer accessories easier than ever. There are as many sites selling beer accessories as there are beer drinking accessories themselves.

Due to potential health risks, such as poorly designed drinking accessories or ones that have been made from harmful chemicals, we strongly suggest that you buy all your drinking accessories from reputable online stores such as

Such sites will not only have a huge selection of great beer accessories, but will also feature customer feedback from real people who have bought the product and are actually using it. This is the best source of unbiased product reviews there is, and as such is an invaluable source of reliable information.